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"I've never bought so many things at once in my life! I'm trying them on for my husband and so far he thinks they look fantastic! I definitely needed new life in my wardrobe, as you know! I really appreciate your list so I know what I have and still need to look for, and this will be handy to take along when I shop. After our shopping experience today, I feel more interested, excited, and energized to look for new clothes! And I feel I have a much better eye to discern what looks good on me. Before, I was feeling paralyzed about shopping so just totally avoided it. I can see why people use wardrobe consultants; it sure makes shopping easier! Thank you!

-- Nicki, working mom

-- Video Testimony

"Thank you so much for working with my husband and I. I LOVE what you picked out for Steve! He has never looked so "with it" and "in style". Everything he got was on sale too. Thank you so much for saving us both time and money with clothes shopping. I really look forward to working with you this summer and fall as we fine tune my wardrobe."

"When I returned to my career two years ago, after being a stay-at-home mom for six years, I haphazardly put together a work wardrobe. Not having an initial wardrobe plan or vision, I soon began to dread getting ready for work. Despite a closet full of clothes, it felt like I didn't have anything to wear that fit properly and projected the "hip, stylish professional" image that I sought. I really wish I found you sooner!"

-- Jollee B. Social Studies Teacher Department Head and New Teacher Mentor

"In February of 2007 I had my first appointment with Mayna, during which she helped me to finally purge my closet of all of those football shoulder pads. Not only did she help me to purge clothes that I had not worn in quite a while, she took them to Dress For Success and donated them to women preparing for careers and interviews. It was a great experience! The result of this purge was some much-needed space in my closet and help in putting together new outfits from my existing wardrobe. Mayna took the time to learn about me, my lifestyle and my work concerns, as they related to my wardrobe. She made a list of key pieces that would help me to further expand my wardrobe without me spending a lot of money."

"We got together a couple of weeks later at Bellevue Square to shop for those pieces. First let me say, that I am one of those women who really hate to shop for clothes. I do not even get excited about shoes! Mayna had been to the stores ahead of me and had clothes set aside and sales people ready to work with us to find the pieces on my list. I had the best time I have ever had shopping for clothes and got some great pieces that I am really using at work and for social events. I have received a lot of compliments on the clothes we purchased; yet I would not likely have found them on my own."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and felt much like I was out with a friend for the day. I am enjoying my new clothes and found that our follow up appointment to put together outfits that used my new and existing pieces was a lot of fun. She even took photos of coordinated outfits for me to refer to so that instead of feeling limited when I walk in my closet, I feel that I have a lot of options with key pieces. The whole experience helped me to update my wardrobe and to add a lot of color and style to it. I would highly recommend the experience to everyone, whether you like to shop or not."

-- Julia Morrisey Customer Service Manager

"I am so grateful to Mayna since redeeming the gift certificate my husband bought for me from Closet Fly. Our one-on-one consultation and personal shopping trips have changed my whole perspective on which clothes look good on me."

-- Anonymous

"I feel so different! What I mean is it has improved my self-esteem. I am more confident in what I wear now. I learned about what colors go with my skin tone as well as what brings out my eyes, and it is important to know these things so that I don't go pulling things off the rack just because it's a good deal or when I'm fed up with the search. Today I know a lot more about what clothes work for my lifestyle."

-- Anonymous

"Before this experience, it didn't matter to me what outfit I wore because I didn't feel good about what I was doing when I would shop for myself. I always bought the wrong size and style. Now I know what cut, fabric, color and size to look out for when shopping and choosing what to wear from my wardrobe each day."

-- Anonymous

"Wow! The photo book is so useful! I can take it wherever I go and know exactly what I've got. And I feel so good opening my closet door knowing that everything in it is organized and will look fabulous on me."

-- Anonymous

"This experience has changed me. So many of my friends have noticed. I get compliments from my husband, from coworkers at meetings, and even from strangers at the library. I never got that before. I would recommend anyone to Mayna for a life changing experience."

-- Elena Dean, wife, mom of four, and teacher's assistant

"WOW! It has been so long since I went to an event knowing that I looked good. It makes such a difference in my confidence level! And, of course, I received dozens of compliments and that hasn't happened in ages. It was terrific! Thank you!! I received your shopping list and I love that you are doing all of the details. I have so many projects going on in other areas, it's really nice to let your manage this project:) Also, wearing one of my 'newly arranged' outfits, one of my friends asked me if I had lost weight! I haven't, but thanks to your advice my clothes now give me a more slender appearance. WooHoo!"

-- Elizabeth, Mother of five and Independent Senior Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay

"I really enjoyed using your service. The time was well spent providing me with the 'jumpstart' I needed to start overhauling my wardrobe. I will continue to apply the 'style rules' you shared when putting together outfits, and I am already more conscience of why some outfits work better than others in terms of cut, color etc...these rules and your savvy fashion tips will be helpful when I make new purchases. Thank you again for your help!"

-- Mary, Account Manager

"Shopping isn't high on my list of things to do, but when I needed to update my work wardrobe I went to Mayna at Closet Fly. She fitted me for business shirts and helped me find the right size. We picked out a few outfits that I could wear with many of the existing items in my wardrobe. She really saved me time and money because I would usually buy the wrong size and waste time going back and forth to stores, whereas now I know my size and know which brands look best on me."

-- Richard, manager

"I needed some honest feedback and Mayna made me feel like I had my own personal shopper. She pulled together outfits and helped me buy jewlery to match. It was a great day of shopping. I normally don't spend $500 in a day, but I did and it was worth it."

-- Joyce, school teacher

"I needed nice clothes for work and Mayna helped me find them. She took me to many different departments at Macy's and she coordinated serveral outfits in less than an hour. Her expert fashion sense and professional, yet warm and friendly ability to communicate made my shopping trip easy and fun. She is great at what she does!"

-- Lee Ann

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